Agricultural Land Values (1997-2017)


The National Agricultural Statics Service (NASS) publishes data about varying aspects of the agricultural industry. Since 1997, the service has compiled data regarding the value per acre of farmland in each state/region in the United States.


The data were acquired from the NASS website through published annual reports. At first, the data were combined into a common Excel file. I decided to use Excel for the preliminary data compiling because the report formats changed relatively often; however, the reports were still easy to compile by simply copying and pasting yearly columns. From this, I then tidied the data in R.

The final cleaned dataset is titled Combined_Clean.csv


The data were acquired from the NASS website through published annual reports.

Thank you to the NASS (and USDA) for collecting this data. Here is the link containing the annual reports: NASS/USDA

The link to the wonderful banner image: Banner


I was inspired to gather this data to gain insight into how agricultural land values have changed over the past two decades, especially in different states and regions across the United States. - Which states have had the greatest increases in land value? - Which regions have the most expensive land per acre? - What are some possible reasons for changes in values in certain states/regions? - How do prices vary across type of land (Overall farmland, pasture, and cropland)?


Please feel free to view my kernel regarding the cleaning/tidying of the data! Here is the link to my Github: Github

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