Volcano Eruption Global Distribution


What is the global distribution of recent eruptions and what type of volcano is associated with each type? This brief dataset from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Significant Volcanic Eruption Database contains metrics related to global eruptions. I chose to use the dataset to produce a global terrain map and HTML file that displays recent eruptions as colored markers associated with the type of volcano as well as a pop up description with location info from the dataset.


The time period of this dataset is from 2010 to 2018 when this notebook was written. It contains 36 columns that describe various properties of the volcano as well as data related to economic and human impact of the eruption. Properties that I feel are relevant and worthy of displaying on a marker pop up are "Year", "Name", "Country", "Latitude", "Longitude", "Type" although there are some tempting ones such as 'TOTAL_DAMAGE_MILLIONS_DOLLARS' and 'TOTAL_HOUSES_DESTROYED' that I chose to not include. This particular slice in time only contains 63 observations. The NOAA eruptions data is not real time nor is it updated fully as seen in the many null fields. I believe the data is entered as NOAA becomes aware of various situations related to that event. For example, as the total economic damage and death toll is finally made public, NOAA updates their database.


Data was sourced from the NOAA Significant Volcanic Eruption Database



I personally think geology is fascinating and I am currently learning Python for data analysis. The recent eruptions of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii came to mind so I hunted down open datasets that had to do with natural disasters and came upon the site from NOAA.


Although this dataset is small, anyone can download the full contents of the database from NOAA and perhaps answer some other burning questions: Do certain types of volcanoes erupt more frequently? Do certain types of volcanoes cause more economic damage than others? Is there a correlation between number of lives lost and volcano type or location?

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