Computer Network Traffic


Computer Network Traffic Data - A ~500K CSV with summary of some real network traffic data from the past. The dataset has ~21K rows and covers 10 local workstation IPs over a three month period. Half of these local IPs were compromised at some point during this period and became members of various botnets.


Each row consists of four columns:

  • date: yyyy-mm-dd (from 2006-07-01 through 2006-09-30)
  • l_ipn: local IP (coded as an integer from 0-9)
  • r_asn: remote ASN (an integer which identifies the remote ISP)
  • f: flows (count of connnections for that day)

Reports of "odd" activity or suspicions about a machine's behavior triggered investigations on the following days (although the machine might have been compromised earlier)

Date : IP 08-24 : 1 09-04 : 5 09-18 : 4 09-26 : 3 6


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Can you discover when a compromise has occurred by a change in the pattern of communication?

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